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Carol and Mark Best-Rawlings
Over the last quarter of a century that Carol and Mark have been together they have devoted there life to  dogs. When Mark left the army he got a rescue Belgium Shepherd Dog and began to run him in agility happy just to train his dog he began to take over training  class,  while this was going on Carol was showing in obedience and breed shows with her Rough Collies although she had seen Mark and his dogs they had never spoken to each other.
 Carol then got a German Shepherd bitch called Chase, she then went to the local GSD training club where Mark was helping out their eyes met and the earth shook  (as if) no at the time Carol had a litter of Roughs and was keeping 2 so needed a hand with showing them, well one thing lead to another needless to say Mark took up the challenge and soon was showing  with Carol all over the uk.  
They moved to the East Coast of Scotland in 1999 and shortly after decided to get a smaller breed and decided to get the Japanese Shiba Inu and now thay are stuck on the breed, they also have two Pom's.
Carol & Mark have the largest kennel in Scotland they only breed occasionally but when they do they are nice puppys and go on to be good pets and show dogs.

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